Legal Staffing

Legal Staffing

Legal Staffing

Nelson Legal is focused exclusively on recruiting experienced, qualified contingent and full-time talent for Northern California’s law firms and legal departments. Our exceptional employees help you save money by reducing turnover, minimizing overtime costs, and improving work flow. Whether
you need legal support staff or a licensed attorney for a project or full-time, Nelson Legal should be your staffing partner.

Uniquely Qualified Recruiters

In addition to their training as professional recruiters, Nelson Legal’s team has experience recruiting for major law firms and corporations in the Bay Area. Their knowledge of the local legal arena makes them uniquely qualified to understand the needs of our clients and match the skills and qualifications of potential candidates to those needs.

Customized Staffing Solutions

Our team works with you to create a staffing plan that adjusts to the ebb and flow of work in your firm.

Recruiting Programs

The success of our recruiting effort is based on collaborating with you to create a sourcing and recruiting program tailored to the exact requirements of your firm. The program can include:

  • Identifying and matching your hiring criteria
  • Nontraditional recruiting sources
    (networking, proprietary recruiting resources)
  • Traditional recruiting sources
    (networking and legal association affiliations)
  • Other sources: Our field-based recruiting team has developed an active network with hundreds of recruiting sources

Pre-Employment Screening

Our proprietary pre-employment screening process covers more than what candidates say they can do and what their resumes show they can do. We focus on what past and current behavior indicates they will do on the job. This is a flexible program customized to your needs. It may include:

  • In person “Patterned Interview”
  • Integrity testing
  • Online software evaluations
  • Background checks
  • A minimum of two reference checks

Nelson Legal is a professional services group of Nelson Staffing, Northern California’s largest independent full-service recruiting firm. We are focused exclusively on providing dependable, talented, and flexible employees to today’s fast-paced and demanding legal departments and law firms.

Nelson Legal: The Talent You Need.