Fulltime Employment

Full-Time Employment

Full-Time Employment

Full-Time Regular Employment

Our recruiting and screening expertise enables us to quickly provide you with top-tier candidates.

Nelson Staffing was originally founded as an Executive Search Firm, and our regular employee recruiting solution uses this experience to recruit and place all levels of candidates. Nelson recruiters have the experience and breadth to handle all types of positions from senior-level executive searches to entry-level support roles.

We offer three types of flexible full-time employee solutions:

  • Retained Search – Nelson is retained with a regular fee to recruit for a specific position until the position is filled.
  • Contained Search – Nelson is retained to recruit for a specific position, but the size of the fee is contained within a pre-determined maximum amount.
  • Contingent Search – Nelson is paid a commission fee once the successful regular placement is completed.

The Full-Time Regular Employee Methodology

The Nelson recruiting methodology utilizes a wide variety of internal and external resources to find the very best candidates.
This methodology is a combination of Nelson’s proprietary candidate database, Internet searches, advertising and, most importantly, our recruiters, to quickly locate the most qualified candidate.

Nelson’s experience and knowledge ensure that the ideal candidate is presented. Let the experts at Nelson help you in your search.
Our expertise is your advantage.

Nelson Staffing recruits, screens and places qualified candidates at solid, reputable companies for a pre-negotiated fee.